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Tasty Recipes is that app you've probably been looking for if you're the type to experiment with more unconventional, fun recipes than your standard, traditional cookbook. All you need is watch this popular channel's short 2 minute videos and you'll be on your way to cooking better and cooler thanks to its step-by-step visual instructions.

New recipes for viral dishes are added every day on Tasty Recipes. Plus you can always take a look at their 'Recipe of the Day' to learn how to whip up new snacks. What's really handy about this app is that it provides both visually appealing, detailed instructions and a full list of ingredients for each recipe.

On top of recipes, Tasty Recipes also comes with other life tips. From its 'lifestyle' tab you'll find that there's tons of tricks to add a twist to your classic salads by making them in a mason jar, for example. Or new ideas so you can revamp your standard old oatmeal breakfasts. From the 'Skills' tab you'll find there's simple tutorials for things you should've probably already learned like: 'eating with chopsticks' or 'making white sauce'.

Tasty Recipes is an excellent app with loads of delicious recipes via professionally produced short videos. Perfect for aspiring foodies.

Android 4.4 or higher required